We’re a logistics-savvy team with an extensive
worldwide network, allowing us to offer you flexible,
creative and cost effective solutions.

EZ Cargo was funded in 2016 by Nicolas Simons.
After working for several years in the air freight industry, he decided to launch his company at Liege Airport.

EZ Cargo is working on a daily basis with a fair amount of clients, located in Europe, US and Asia, and its staff is composed of 20 competitive people, each one of them with specific and dedicated skills.

  • Nicolas Simons

    Managing Director

The team

  • Damien Rizzo

    CCO & Partner

  • Justine Vito

    Executive Assistant

  • Salvatore Chiapparo

    Pricing Manager

  • Andrei Zdorovenkov

    Project Manager

  • Steven Wilden

    OPS Manager

  • Arthur Lawarrée

    Senior Sales

  • Tiffany Detilleux

    Senior OPS

  • Calvin Delcour

    Sales Agent

  • Satenik Poghosyan

    Sales Agent

  • Robin Légaz

    OPS Officer

  • Julien Leduc

    OPS Officer

  • Gisèle Dortu

    Administrative assistant

  • Shana Lombardo

    Admin Sales & OPS Assistant

  • Morine Faraon



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